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3 Handy Tips for a Better Call to Action

Is your call to action giving you the results you need? If not, try these three handy tips.

It’s a relatively small amount of text, but your call to action (CTA) plays a huge role in your overall content strategy.

Why? Your reader was kind enough to click on the link leading to your landing page. Now that they’re hooked, will you reel them in with a strong CTA, or let them swim away because your “bait” was weak?

A compelling CTA will get the user to do something that helps you reach your end goal. Whether you want them to follow you on Twitter, subscribe to your newsletter, or retain your services, now’s the time for action!

Is your CTA getting your readers to do what you want them to? If not, try these three tips that I’ve used to maximize my own response rates.

  • Use Simple English: Anyone who’s worked with me knows what a strong proponent I am of Simple English. Your call to action is no exception. Lose the industry jargon and tech-speak. Write like you would to a good friend, addressing them directly (using “you”, if possible), and employ power verbs that create a strong image in the reader’s head. For example, instead of “improve”, try something like “supercharge”.
  • Rehash: This is the perfect time to remind the reader why they read your article in the first place. In all likelihood, they’re facing the same challenge you’re addressing, and your call to action will reaffirm why you’re the person to help. Some examples: “If you’re ready to stop suffering from repetitive strain injury…” or “Is your marketing automation strategy working for you?”
  • Affirm the Benefits: What does the reader get by visiting your online catalogue, downloading your pdf, or buying your product? How does it help them? Affirm the benefits clearly, in a few bullet points, and then close with one final, killer statement, such as, “If you’re ready to lead a smoke-free life…”

Remember, a simple “Like us on Facebook” probably won’t result in much, because the value proposition isn’t clear to the reader. They need to know what they’re getting in return for doing what you ask.

And when they do respond, you’ll be getting something too: the opportunity to make money.

What call to action tips or tricks work for you? Let me know in the comment section below!