digital marketing month

October is Digital Marketing Month!

Digital marketing is key to the success of any company serious about growth. October is Digital Marketing Month, and there is no shortage of articles, events, and workshops dedicated to this ever-changing, multi-faceted practice.

So much has been written about digital marketing that budding entrepreneurs might find it hard to take it all in. Although I consider myself a somewhat savvy marketer, I’m constantly discovering new digital strategies that help identify potential customers, streamline CRM, and send relevant messages to finely-targeted audiences.

Even with the whole month of October dedicated to all things digital marketing, there seem to be enough topics to last a whole quarter!

Digital Marketing Month boasts a huge amount of online webinars and live workshops that cover various aspects of digital marketing, including mobile, content, and social media. There’s no better time to learn about new and innovative ways to engage with your customers.

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Enjoy these last days of summer, and be prepared to learn about some great new digital marketing strategies starting October 1st!

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