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Thank You Pages: More Than Just Good Manners

Thank You pages are for more than showing your good manners. They’re a great opportunity to further engage with customers, and move them further into the sales journey.

Let’s say you just converted a website visitor into a qualified lead.

You tweeted your offer to your target audience, someone came to your fully-optimized landing page, and then took the action you requested to receive your offer.

Congratulations! So, now what?

Well, you send them to a Thank You page, of course. But if your page contains a simple “Thank You” message, thereby ending the sales journey, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to develop an even stronger relationship with your customer.

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This can be done by using your Thank You page to again entice them with additional valuable offers, relevant content, or special opportunities. Here are some Thank You page best practice essentials, with thanks from Hubspot:

  1. Set expectations: Make sure the customer knows what the next step is. If you’re going to call within 2 – 3 business days, then you should say that. A simple “We’ll be in touch” doesn’t clearly communicate when you’re going to contact them, or how you’re going to do it.
  2. Show your navigation menu: Unlike the landing page, you don’t need to hide your navigation menu on your Thank You page. Now that they’ve converted, let them explore your website to get to know your brand better.
  3. Provide additional content: Link to blogs that relate to your offer, so your customer can learn more about your expertise.
  4. Try to convert again: If you have another relevant offer, feel free to provide another call to action and convert them again. Be careful here though, you don’t want to appear too aggressive.
  5. Encourage sharing: As with anything, you want your brand in front of as many eyes as possible. So offer the opportunity to share with a message along the lines of “I just downloaded this great ebook from…” to pique interest within social media.

One final note: avoid inline Thank You messaging on your landing page. Not only does it break all the above best practices, it leaves the customer with nowhere to go, and doesn’t do anything to improve the customer experience.