Getting Better Reception with an IVR System

Remember the days when you dialed (yes, dialed) a company on the phone and a receptionist answered? You asked for a particular telephone extension, and she would put you on hold while connecting your call.

Being on hold can be infuriating for customers, and is unacceptable in this modern age. Fortunately, for businesses looking to maximize the customer experience, IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems can provide a solution that improves customer relationships while saving money.

Interactive Becomes Proactive

IVR systems eliminate the customer wait time by automating interactions with customer calls. Wait times are virtually eliminated due to calls being answered immediately, and your customers are able to quickly access information around the clock, 365 days per year.

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Not only that, it offers smaller companies the opportunity to appear larger, more efficient, and serious about providing excellent customer service.

IVRs provide a whole host of other benefits as well, including:

  • Building Customer Relationships: With calls answered on the first ring and transferred at the push of a button, customers spend less time waiting, and more time building a relationship with your brand. Customers can interact with your IVR system in any language you offer, and be confident that their calls are forwarded to the right party, every time. These features build brand loyalty and create advocacy among satisfied customers.
  • Scalable to your Needs: IVR systems can be completely customized to your business size, needs, and goals, providing a solution that is as unique as your brand. Also, a human can only answer, speak to, and forward one call at a time. IVR systems can handle a virtually unlimited number of calls simultaneously, and allow your team to be accessible via cell, landline, or another IVR system.
  • Easy Backend Management: By using the IVR’s simple user interface, you can make real-time changes to the system as your business evolves. The system is easily integrated into your existing CRM system, including your backend applications and databases, and can provide real-time monitoring and reporting.
  • Personalized – Yet Computerized: Enhance the customer experience even further by allowing log in via client id. This client id will connect to your customer database, giving your IVR system the ability to address the customer by name, offer appropriate prompts, and even wish them a happy birthday!
  • Amazing Cost Efficiency: Are you using a call centre? IVR systems can provide the customer with information without ever speaking to a human, cutting down on chargeable talk time. Also, because calls are always forwarded correctly, issues are resolved quickly without multiple transfers, allowing your representatives to help more people. If you currently rely on in-house reception, you can allocate these resources elsewhere and allow the IVR to handle all incoming calls.

Better Systems, Better Service

IVR systems are becoming more and more popular as businesses recognize how they can help them build better customer experiences, improve inbound call efficiencies, and save money.

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